Razer Computer Laptop Repairs in Oxford

We do a range of Razer Computer Laptop Repairs in Oxford – from broken screens to battery replacements, mother board replacements.

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Razer laptop repair in Oxford at FonFix4U:

We are in the digital era where computer/laptop literacy is spreading like a wildfire. Laptops are considered a necessity in day-to-day lives especially to business owners, writers and students. Laptops are very convenient and helpful in getting tasks done, but what happens when it does break? Rather than buying yourself a new laptop, why don’t you try and get it fixed first at a laptop repair shop? If you are in search of the best laptop repair shop near me, FonFix4U is at your service in oxford. We, at FonFix4U, repair all models of Razer laptops such as Razer Blade 15 Gaming, Razer Blade B5 Gaming, Razor Blade B6, razer Blade Pro F2 Base, razor Blade Stealth, Razor Blade Pro 1080 and Razer Blade pro etc. We offer our repair services in entire Oxford and also other places near by  like services in New Hinksey, South Park, Westgate Oxford, Donnington, Florence Park, PMT Oxford, Templars Square, Cowley Bussines Center, Abingdon, Milton Park, Shipton, Kidlington, ChipingNorton, Headington, Botley, Stanton St. John, Beckley, Foresthill, Holton, Wheatly, Littleworth, Horspath, Areas nearby #OxfordBrookesUniversity, #oxforduniversity and central of Oxford etc.

If you a person, who is not a tech-savvy, then you cannot fix any problem of your device. Sometimes, your laptop won’t turn on or would have problems with its functioning because of underlying issues that a normal person would not be able to identify. It is time when you get your device at any outlet of FonFix4U and have it checked, you may just have an old battery or a faulty screen. When you go to the repair shop, not only will you be able to understand what is wrong with your laptop but you would also be able to learn how to avoid it. Our experts would tell you the reason why your laptop is malfunctioning and would give you tips on how to prevent such unfortunate situations. At Fonfix4U, you not only get your laptop back, but you would also get useful tips on how to take care of it properly. We offer our services at affordable prices which are pocket-friendly for everyone. We offer 10% student discount to all the students and locals at #oxforduniversity, #oxfordbrookesuniversity, #EF_Oxford etc. Also we offer 10% discount to public servants. On average we have a turnaround time of 24-28 hours.

Here are some issues, your laptop might have to face:

Battery gets drained too quickly or won’t charge:

When battery gets over-aged, then we can face such problems like quick drainage, intermittent shut down of laptop if it’s running on battery, battery wont charge etc. In many cases it’s something linked to the replacement of new battery. Even if after replacing the new battery it still causes the same problem then it might be the issue of charging port or charging cable. Before repair or replacement, you must have to detect the problem. In such case, you can contact some professional to sort out your problem. In this run, FonFix4U can help you out. Our technicians will analyse the problem and then let you know either your device needs a repair or battery replacement. We have good stock of new batteries which are low at cost and comes with minimum of 3 months upto 1 year warranty depending upon the stock you are going for. .

Keyboard is not working:

It is another common and irritating problem. Laptop keys generally take a beating so you can expect it to be one of the first things to pose an issue. Your entire keyboard might stop working or just a few keys. In case of some sort od obstruction. As primary precaution, you can simply turn the laptop upside down and shake lightly to see if that helps dislodge any dirt or dust. If the problem is with entire keyboard then you must check the drivers it could be a software issue and If you don’t know how to deal with this problem then, it is recommended to visit a professional repair hub like FonFix4U. Here, we can fix every issue related to your keyboard. We will fix it according to the intensity of situation. After inspection we would be able to tell you either your device needs a repair or proper replacement of keys or keyboard.

Blur Screen of Death (BSOD):

This problem is one of the most feared problem on laptops. A number of things can cause this error. They can be related to both hardware and software issues. In some cases, you might be able to restart the laptop, while in some you might not. Our laptop masters can fix this issue as fast as they can without creating any hassle. We are aware of the worth of time that is why we try to fix your laptop’s issue as soon as possible.


It is the sow death of laptop. An overheating processor or graphic chip can also cause the laptop to crash suddenly. Excessive use or no ventilation can also cause over-heating. If your laptop confronts this issue just rush towards any fonfix4U branch near you or you can ask them if they can get it collected locally. We will diagnose and then quote for repairs. once it’s fixed we can help you out by downloading a speed fan or free temperature monitoring tool for laptop to make sure that you will be able to notice temperature of the CPU and GPU on your laptop. If over-heating has done another damage then we can fix it for sure with ease. The only thing you have to do is to book your slot for repair and after that leave your device at your near FonFix4U outlet.

Water damage:

The most abrupt and unfortunate problem you might have to face while using laptop. If you are having some coffee, tea, juice or any other liquid during your work while using your laptop and it accidently fells on your laptop. What to do the next? Just turn off your minicomputer at once and stop doing any work on it. If it is plugged with charging, then plug it out because electricity can damage or burn out the other delicate parts or in other words it can short circuit the computer. Once it’s unplugged and powered off, wipe off your device gently with an absorbing cloth or tissue paper, leave it to dry then and as soon as the incident happens you must run towards a repair shop to avoid other complications. At Fonfox4U stores in oxford, we have dealt with many water damaged devices and it is a very common to repair such devices for us. Our tech masters will take your device with great care and repair it according to the problem. They will tell you after inspection that how much havoc water or liquid has been played to your device. Once the device is fixed then we will let you know what comes with warranty and what does not due to the problem cause by it.

RAM replacement or up-gradation:

Sometime you can hear a noise in your laptop like a fan is running only but no display on screen, Inspite of this, your laptop is still working, then it can be the issue of RAM. Other sign of RAM’s failure, would be a beeping sound from the laptop which repeats after few seconds. If you take your laptop at FonFix4U, we could replace you RAM or upgrade if it is needed. If you do not take any measure on the time, it would be a huge damage to your device causing system crash and you might ending up losing data because of system crashes.

You can also buy new, refurbished or pre-owned laptops at our store nearby you Oxford. We give some special discounts on repair and replacements if you have multiple repairs. We give at least three months of warranty of every repair and replacement, but not on water damage. We provide our customers a very friendly environment, here you can ask any query about your device and we will provide you with the best possible advice.

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