Reliable and Cost Effective Computers/Laptops Repairs in Oxford, Oxfordshire

Fon Fix 4U do a range of Computer Laptop Repairs like Apple, Samsung, Sony, DELL, HP, Toshiba, Microsoft, IBM Lenovo, Acer or Razer Repairs – from broken screens to battery, Glass replacements or any other repairs.



Fon Fix 4U do a range of Computer Repairs in Oxford like Apple, Samsung, Sony, DELL, HP, Toshiba, Microsoft, IBM, LG, Intel, Lenovo, Acer and Razer, from motherboard repair to keyboard, CPU, and RAM repairs. Bring in your computers with accidental damages, and avail the most economical, fast, and top-class repair service in Oxford.

Outstanding Computer Repair Services at Fon Fix 4 U

If you are about to send a business proposal, typing an important document, or on a video call with your loved ones, and your computer screen becomes unresponsive. How depressing it would be when all your efforts to switch on your computer fails. If you are in such a chaotic situation, don’t panic anymore. Visit Fon Fix 4 U, the most reliable computer repair store in Oxford. Fon Fix 4 U provides you with world-class computer repairs at an affordable price. We use genuine and high-quality parts for repair, and each repair comes under three-months warranty. You can have repair services for PCs, gaming PCs, Laptops, MacBooks, iMac desktops, and notebooks of almost every brand. We also offer repair services for remote desktops, at a fair price.

Fonfix4u is the label for excellence, commitment and satisfaction when it comes to your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and computer repair.

Fon Fix 4 U Expert and Certified Technicians

Fon Fix 4 U is a team of experts. Our professional team members are at your service throughout the week. We repair your devices within due time and deliver it without any delay. We not only repair your device but also guide you for its future handling.

Fastest Repair Services in Oxford

We offer super-fast computer repair services to save your time. We know how valuable your device and time is for you. Therefore, we offer instant repairs at our store, your home and office.

Free Diagnostic Test for Computer

At Fon Fix 4 U, we examine the malfunctioned computers thoroughly, to identify the problem, and repair it. If you are having any trouble with your PCs and laptops, bring it to our repair store for a free diagnosis. Our tech gurus are expert in their field to analyse the device for any glitch. We double-check the problem on your computer for effortless repair.

Same day Repair Services for Computers

We offer same-day computer repair services for the minor problems of your computers and laptops. Repair time vary depending upon the glitch and complication.

Buy and Sell Computers in Oxford

Fon Fix 4 U is the right place to sell and buy a computer, laptops, MacBook, and tablets. You can also purchase accessories for your device. We deal in almost all models and brands of computers. Select a brand of your choice and consult Fon Fix 4 U.

Affordable computer Repair Prices

Our repair prices are very reasonable to suit every person's need and budget. There are no hidden charges for diagnosis or repair. We have standard rates for computer repair services.

Brands we deal in:

We repair, sell, and purchase almost all brands of computers, laptops, and their accessories. Some of the brands to list here are:

  • Lenovo
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • Razer
  • Microsoft
  • HP
  • Toshiba
  • Sony
  • Intel
  • IBM


Services we Offer at Fon Fix 4 U


Computer Hardware Repair Services

Whether you are facing any problem with your computer case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and earphones. Or the issue lies with hard disk drive, motherboard, video card, RAM, optical drive, heat sink, power supply, network interface card, and USB ports. Fon Fix 4 U expert team will fix them all.

Processor/CPU Repair in Oxford

Central Processing Unit or Processor plays a vital role as a control unit and work as the brain of your computer. It processes data for successful operations, but sometimes your computer freezes for no apparent reason. A problematic CPU can affect the performance of your computer, and you may experience unexpected shutdowns or problem in turning on your PC. Your computer speed and the fan speed may change if there is a processing load, or the processer becomes non-functional. If you are unable to boot your computer,  your computer freezes, or experience blue screen of death, bring your computer at Fon Fix 4 U, for a free diagnosis. Our team will analyse the device to find out the glitch, and offer you the best solutions for the problematic processor.

We offer the computer processor repair services in Oxford at an economical price. CPU is durable, yet fragile and can lead to a damaged or malfunctioning due to mishandling. To avoid any misfortunate condition, consult Fon Fix 4 U technicians for a quick fix. Be it an issue with your processor board, processor fan, or CPU heatsink.

Computer Motherboard Repair in Oxford

If you are experiencing monitor screen flickering, see lines on the screen, or the monitor screen freezes constantly. You might experience a burning plastic smell, a problem with computer peripherals, and blue screen of death when your computer motherboard has a glitch.

The motherboard is a complex, and the main piece of a computer, therefore needs extra care, and skill to repair it. A faulty motherboard is not an issue that is difficult to resolve when you have Fon Fix 4 U near you.

Hard Drive Repair and replacement in Oxford

If you are facing any issue with data storage device on your computer, worry not! We are here to help you out with our computer hardware repair services in Oxford.

We fix hard drive errors, resolve hard drive failure, and recover lost data on a corrupt hard disk drive.

Fon Fix 4 U technoids can repair every glitch on your computer and laptop, from monitor display, RAM, CD/DVD drive to the video card, driver issues, keyboard and mouse.

Software installation

If you need software installation services in Oxford, for your computers, Fon Fix 4 U offers services for communication, antivirus, audio/music program, database, device drivers, e-mail, game, Internet browser etc.

Whether it’s a physical break down or an installation error, there is always a solution for every problem. All you need to do is to make the right choice about the computer repair store.

Computer Data Backup and Recovery

Losing sensitive data like documents, and media files are troublesome. Finding a reliable place to recover the lost data is even more difficult. At Fon Fix 4 U, your device and data both are in safe hands. Our professionals can easily recover data from hard disk, USB drive, memory card, and make backups for your data.

Device maintenance and Repair

Every person and everything needs care. Your device not only needs repair but maintenance too. You need to update and upgrade your computer to increase its life and accelerate its work speed.We offer you the best solutions for problems like:

  • Monitor Screen Repair and Replacement.
  • Ram Up-gradation or Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement or Upgradation
  • Speeding Up the Computer
  • Troubleshooting and networking support
  • Hardware and software upgrades


We provide the best networking services. Be it a broadband installation, network fixes, network setup, wireless or wired networking. Fon Fix 4 U solve every problem your computer has.This is just a glimpse of a few services we offer at Fon Fix 4 U. For more details call us at (01865) 236 925, or make a visit for a consultation.

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