HP Computer Laptop Repairs in Oxford

We do a range of HP Computer Laptop Repairs in Oxford – from broken screens to battery replacements, mother board replacements.


HP Laptop Repair in Oxford at Fon Fix 4 U

HP is the top leading brand of laptops worldwide, and people use them regularly as part of the work process. The minicomputer gives us the liberty to carry work anywhere we want. Laptops are becoming more and more affordable and are slowly replacing desktops at schools, colleges, offices and even homes. But after frequent use, electronic devices come up with glitches. Whenever you feel that your laptop is getting any flaw, then the best option is Fon Fix 4 U. We deal with every kind of issue related to your HP laptop. Our FonFix4U gurus can fix an entire range of HP laptops including HP EliteBook, HP Chromebook, HP Elite Dragonfly, HP Spectre, HP Spectre Folio, HP Pavilion, HP Omen and HP Pavilion Pro etc. FonFix4U is an ideal place for your device to get fixed in expert hands. If your device has a minor issue then, we can fix it at the spot. But if the situation is contrary, then you have to wait for repair and, we suppose your cooperation in this matter. Time is precious for everyone that is why we try our best to give your HP laptop repair on time. We provide our customers with the fastest repair services in and out the boundaries of Oxford. If you are not from Oxford, then do not worry because we always come up with the best options for our clients. We provide a swift pick and drop cost-free services.

There are many other repair companies available in the market. Most of them only think about their profit instead of satisfying their clients. But for FonFix4U, the satisfaction and ease of customers is the priority. We do not take profit; we serve people with the best quality repair services. We have skilled technicians who will repair your device with best-repairing tools, and use quality replacement parts for your laptop. We mend every laptop according to its requirement. As you have HP laptop, then our HP experts will recover your device skilfully. So, you can trust that your device is in good hands.

In times of inflation, FonFix4U is the only place which gives you its services at a low-price. Our prices suit every person's needs. Anyone can get our service without getting worried about his pocket because our values are very pocket-friendly. It is our speciality that we offer unique discounts for our customers on special events. We repair all HP laptops such as HP Pavilion, HP Elitebook, HP Omen, HP Envy, HP Envy X360, HP Probook, HP Pavilion 15, HP NoteBook, HP Envy 13, HP EliteBook 840, HP 250 g6, HP Omen 15, HP zBook, HP Pavilion g6, HP Elitebook 840 g5, HP Probook 450 g5, HP Elitebook 840 g3, HP Chromebook 14, HP Elitebook 840 g1, HP Elitebook 8470p, Hp Chromebook x2, HpProbook 440 g5, HP Envy 17 and Hp touchscreen laptops etc . We fix all problems regarding your system

HP Laptops Screen Repair and HP Laptops Screen Replacement in Oxford

Laptops play a pivotal role in one’s life. With the advancement in technology, the mode of work has changed, now people do work from homes through laptops and computers, instead of working from offices. You only can work properly if your device is working well. If your laptop has an issue, then you have to repair it first. If the screen of your laptop is having some issue like a broken or damaged LCD, too many blown pixels, black or a blank screen, flickering screen, low-brightened screen etc. then just contact Fon Fix 4 U team. Our best technology experts will diagnose the actual problem on your HP laptop and repair it according to the problem. We will repair or replace your screen with high-quality, perfectly brightened and scratch-free screen. Our experts will complete their task efficiently and swiftly depending upon the parts availability and booking schedule. We will do this job at a low-price which would not disturb your budget.  If you are looking for HP laptops screen repair in Oxford, look no further and visit us today. We offer cheap HP screen repair at Fon Fix 4 U.

HP Laptops Ram’s Replacement/Up-gradation

Sometimes your laptop’s ram stops working suddenly. Ram failure does not look like the other damages. Usually, you do not see any crack on your screen, and it looks like your laptop is working. You can hear the noise inside your laptop, like a running fan. It means your laptop is not working well. Another sign of ram failure is a beeping sound from your laptop. Whenever you face such problem, then visit fonfix4U. Our tech gurus will highlight the actual issue, and replace the ram of your HP laptop. We can also upgrade your laptop's ram if it is needed because upgraded ram can speed up your laptop with the best efficiency. We can fix and upgrade your ram in a few hours if we have the compatible ram in our store's stock. If you are looking for HP laptop RAM up-gradation services, visit our Laptop repair store in Oxford.

HP Laptops Battery Repair and HP Laptops Battery Replacement in Oxford

The efficiency of a laptop directly depends on the battery of that laptop. The battery is a base element that enables an electronic gadget to work. It is common that after the usage of the laptop, the battery may start draining. We have seen many people who always carry their chargers with them wherever they go because of this issue. There are many reasons for battery drainage and, one of them is the age of the battery and its usage. Lower the brightness of your laptop, turn the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and turn on the power saving mode of your laptop, as a primary measure. FonFix4U can fix any glitch your HP laptop has. Firstly, our IT masters will check your device properly and try to fix your battery. But if the problem is critical, then we replace it with a new one. We always use genuine and high-quality batteries for the excellent performance of your laptop. Our HP laptop battery replacement service is very pocket-friendly.

HP Laptops Display Cable Issue

If you cannot see anything on your laptop's screen, but your ram is perfectly working and giving you display on the external screen, there might be a problem with display cable of your laptop's LCD screen. It might have damaged or torn off, that is why we do not suggest you check it on your own. You can call or e-mail FonFix4U and seek advice from our tech-doctors. Our world best tech-gurus will diagnose your laptop free of cost. You can discuss the entire process of repair with them and, they will tell you about the charges on repair, before repairing.  We will charge you according to the damage without any hidden charges or tax etc. Our technicians will give you a time to collect your device after repair according to schedule. Whenever you face any problem with your HP laptops, bring it to our Laptop repair shop in Oxford for a quick and quality repair.

HP Laptops Graphics Card Repair        

Graphics card of the laptop is a key element that controls all the display, for example, showing basic boot up screen, videos, pictures and games etc. If your laptop works smoothly, then it is sure that it has a higher capacity graphics card inside it. A graphics card with good capacity can make your minicomputer fast when you run some games or other software which demands high capacity hardware resources. Sometimes Graphics card comes up with some issue and your laptop do not respond duly. Some signs indicate that your graphics card is faulty and one of them is that there would be a few beeps right when you start the laptop would make noise apart from the fans spinning. If you also face such a problem with your laptop, then we advise you to contact FonFix4U. We will check your device and start repairing without wasting time. Laptop repair is not a simple task that is why we need your cooperation with our team. Keeping in mind the worth and demand of graphics-accelerated visualization, FonFix4U offers you exceptional service, with a warranty on all repairs. You can send us your laptop through courier service and also come in person at our store in Oxford.

HP Laptops water Damage Repair in Oxford

Water damage is a common issue, as water or any other liquid like coffee, tea and juice etc. can spill on our device. HP laptops are not water-resistant and they can get damaged right after a liquid spill. If you confront such a situation, then turn off your device at once and wipe-off it with any absorbent cloth. You should unplug your device if it is on the charge, because if your system is in contact with electricity, then it can cause more damage. After taking the initial measurements we suggest you take your laptop to nearby FonFix4U store. It is highly recommended to visit some expert after such damage because you cannot fix it on your own. FonFix4U serve you with certified technology experts who will repair your device as soon as they can. You can also get your data recovered after repair. We assure you that your HP laptop is in good hands and we will mend it without causing another damage to your hardware. 

HP Laptops Keyboard Repair and Replacement in Oxford

The keyboard is an input device and is one of the ground elements of your laptop. Sometimes you feel that keys of your laptop are not working properly, as if you press the key and do not see any text on the screen. Many reasons cause malfunction to your HP laptop’s keyboard. Laptop keys may become shabby or worn out, liquid spill or dust particles can make them inoperative. If you have any issue with your laptop, then do not wait to visit FonFix4U immediately. If you don’t fix the problem at once then it would cause more damage to your device. We can fix any issue related to your laptop’s keyboardat a very low-price without creating any hassle. We repair and replace your keyboard with high-quality and first-class replacements because we do not compromise on quality. Our experts will hand-over your device after repair on the time as they promised.

HP Laptops Virus or Malware Removal Services:

The thing which can affect or cripple the performance of your laptop or computer is nothing but a virus or malware attack. It instantly disturbs the well-functioning of your laptop or computer. The best way to protect your device from such kind of viruses is to install anti-virus software in your computer. A person who has complete knowledge about it can fix this issue but, if you are not a professional, then it is strongly recommended to visit any proficient for the removal of virus and installation of anti-virus. FonFix4U tech-doctors can remove all kind of virus from your device within a few minutes. We can remove the virus and fix the mess it has created to your device. We also render our services for the installation of anti-virus software on your HP laptop and computer at a low price.  You can visit us anytime you need.

HP Laptops System Crash Repair in Oxford:

Many people come to us with a complaint about their system crash. Laptop System crashes because of overheating, driver’s corruption or faulty hardware. You cannot recover your crashed system at home. We advise you to take professionals to help if your HP laptop system crashes. FonFix4U is the best laptop repairstore in the entire Oxford. We will analyze your device in front of you and, then mend it accordingly on fair-prices. We deal with your device with the world’s best tools and repair parts. We will not let you wait for a long time as we know the worth of your time.

Miscellaneous Repairs and Services at Fon Fix 4 U

 FonFix4U is outstanding repairing service store in Oxford. We render our services in New Hinksey, South Park, Westgate Oxford, Donnington, Florence Park, PMT Oxford, Templars Square, Cowley Bussines Center, Abingdon, Milton Park, Shipton, Kidlington, ChippingNorton, Headington, Botley, Stanton St. John, Beckley, Foresthill, Holton, Wheatly, Littleworth, Horspath, Areas nearby #OxfordBrookesUniversity and central of Oxford etc. FonFix4U has the tech-gurus who will diagnose the problem of your laptop and fix it accordingly within no time. We also fix the other parts of your HP laptop such as speakers, Charging port, and mouse/pointer etc. We can also replace your pointer, joystick, and speaker, camera, charging port, scanner, digitizer and microphone within low-prices. We provide our customers with the fastest services of free pick and drop. We are just a call away from you and, we will be at your door within no time. We will pick your device from your door-step and drop it at the same point after repair. We also give the same services to our International clients but as they are from another country so the shipping charges will be taken from them.

You can buy new and refurbished HP laptops at our store. We care for our people and especially for students. We have low-prices which are affordable for everyone. You can rely on us on the matter of your device. We will always give you the best and sincere advice about your electronic devices.


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