There is not a single moment in our life when we are not using our smartphones. Whether we are on a journey, doing any work, enjoying a party, or walking on the beach, we use a cellphone to capture these moments. We are even using our mobile phones while sitting on the toilet seat. In this way, we are exposing our smartphones to the danger of liquid damage.

If you drop your iPhone X in a pool, toilet, sink, or on the beach, the result can be water damage. iPhoneX is water-resistant, but it can undergo damage if it stays in the water for a long time. iPhone is a durable device, but you cannot ignore the damage caused by a fall on the ground, or in water. If you drop your iPhone X in water or spill liquid on it, Fon Fix 4 U offers iPhone X water damage repair services in Oxford.

We at Fon Fix 4 U provide water damage repair services for iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR at a fair price. Our skilled technicians don’t take much time in repairing any glitch your iPhone has. Every water damage is not recoverable, but we offer a 90% success rate for iPhone water damage.

If you experience water damage issue with your iPhone X, Fon Fix 4 U recommends you to rush to a nearby store to avoid complete damage to the device. Don’t experiment with rice bags, hairdryer, and silica gel for moisture absorption. It doesn’t work in most cases when the water has entered the logic board and cause corrosion there. Don’t inspect or open your iPhone X for water damage repair, without knowledge and experience, as it can ruin your device. Bring your iPhone X at Fon Fix 4 U for a quick recovery from water damage. You can either send your device at our store or ask for a call out. We offer iPhone X repair services at an affordable price, and with outstanding quality.