iPhone X is a stylish and elegant device, yet it is very fragile. A slip from hand on a hard surface, or even holding the device tight with hard object or surface sometimes can lead to damage. If you sit on a chair with your iPhone X in your back pocket, or it fell from your hand or some heavy object fell on it, the result can be a broken or cracked front or back glass screen. iPhone X back glass repair cost at the Official Apple store is quite expensive. Fon Fix 4 U offers iPhone X repair in Oxford or in any place near by oxford at a reasonable price. You can also avail our repair services for your iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max back glass. Repairing iPhone X back glass is not an easy job. It is glued and welded inside the frame. Fon Fix 4 U skilled technicians fix your broken iPhone X series back glass, in no time. Visit Fon Fix 4 U today, for the quality iPhone repair services in Oxford.