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iPhone Water Damage Repair

A few days back, my son spilled milk on my iPhone by chance. I was upset. Instead of panicking, I wipe off the liquid gently, with cotton without pushing too much pressure on the device. Then hand over it to the technicians to look for the damage. Fortunately, the liquid did not harm my iPhone. Such accidents are a part of our everyday life. All you need to do in a situation like this is finding an iPhone repair store near me. If you are in Oxford and looking for a reliable repair service for your iPhone. Fon Fix 4 U is the best iPhone repair store, who aims at providing you with quality repairs.

iPhone is water and dust resistant. A silicon case/cover is helpful to avoid damage. If your cell phone is water damaged, do not try to inspect by yourself. Just pat dry the device with an absorbent cloth. Switch off the phone and rush towards a reliable repair store like Fon Fix 4 U, if you are in Oxford. iPhone is a delicate yet durable device. It can damage due to mishandling or by accident. However, there are chances of repair. But in case your iPhone is dropped in a pool, toilet, on the seaside, by chance. Your mobile stays in the water for more than 30mins or an hour. It can be troublesome. Don’t lose hope. There are chances to repair it if the motherboard and internal components are safe.

iPhone Water Damage Repair At Fon Fix 4 U

We offer cheap iPhone water damage repair at Fon Fix 4 U. iPhone liquid damage repair at Fon Fix 4 U is matchless in the market. The repair services we provide are similar in quality to Apple Support Centre Services. Whenever you search for an iPhone repair store near me, you look for the one, with a reasonable price for the repair. iPhone water damage repair cost is very affordable at Fon Fix 4 U. Fon Fix 4 U is not just a repair store, you can also buy cell phones. We are the most credible iPhone service provider in town. iPhone is water and dust resistant but not waterproof. Exposure to water can result in damage. Whenever you undergo such a situation. Instead of wasting time, bring your device to our iPhone repair store for a quick repair. We provide repair forall models and series of iPhone. Our aim is to provide you all iPhone repairservices under the same roof. We can fix any bug your device has.

iPhone 11 Series Water Damage Repair

The latest iPhone models with advanced technology are not safe from water damage. Even iPhone 11 Pro Max with a rating of IP68 can go through water damage if submerged in water for a long time. Dropping your iPhone in water is not a difficult issue to deal with, Fon Fix 4 U is here to repair the water damage.

We offer at Fon Fix 4 U

iPhone 11 Pro Max water damage repair

iPhone 11 Pro water damage repair

iPhone 11 water damagerepair

iPhone X Water Damage Repair

The water-resistant device can also undergo damage. iPhone X series have the same rated IP67as the previous models. The technicians at Fon Fix 4 U deal with iPhone X water damage repair in a short time.  We offer cheap iPhone liquid damage repair in Oxford. The repair services include:

iPhone XR liquid damage repair

iPhone XS Max water damage repair

iPhone XS water damage repair

iPhone X water damage repair

iPhone 8 series, Water Damage Repair

At Fon Fix for you, we offer water damage repair services for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. You can get back to your digital life without any delay. Our services are:

iPhone 8 Plus water damage repair

iPhone 8 water damage repair

iPhone 7 series,  water damage repair

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the first water-resistant phones, rated as IP67. iPhone 7 is the most popular Smartphone across the globe. Besides the other repair services, we deal with liquid impairments in iPhone 7 series. We offer iPhone 7 water damage repair and iPhone 7 Plus water damage repair at Fon Fix 4 U.

Water damage repair for iPhone 6 series

You dropped your iPhone 6S,iPhone6 Plus or iPhone 6S Plus in water. No need to worry. Send your device for the repair at Fon Fix 4 U. You can also buy iPhone 6 or any other iPhone model of your choice.

iPhone 5 series, and iPhone 4 liquid damage repair

We can fix your iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 if water damaged. Bring your iPhone to our certified technicians for water damage repair. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians are always there to guide you. Our expert technicians repair your device in a short time. They are cell phone doctors and treat your device with care and expertise. Our repair services are not only for Oxford, but you can also send your devices from other cities. iPhone water damage is not a problem that is difficult to resolve. At Fon Fix 4 U, every problem is easy to solve. Fear not, call for the consultation now.


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